MIFARE™ Funcional Certification Level 2

The MIFARE™ technology, NXP proprietary, widely used in the market, makes use of an ISO/IEC 14443 standard profile for the contactless (proximity) layer.

The MIFARE™ Functional Certification aims to ensure the interoperability of the use of MIFARE™ Ultralight, Classic, Classic Plus and Desfire technology between card providers and terminals in relation to contactless communication.

The LSITEC has one of NXP’s accredited laboratories to perform the MIFARE™ Functional Certification (see  www.mifare.net/en/about-mifare/certification).

The MIFARE™ Functional Certification can cover the inlay, card or terminal.

  • Inlay: Chip with attached antenna mounted on a stand without being wrapped in a plastic card.
  • Card: Plastic card containing an inlay (chip connected to a coil antennaMolded).
  • Terminal: Equipment responsible for the interaction with the card, also called reader or validator.
  • Reader: Transmission module with antenna that can be mounted on a terminal.

If the product (inlay, card, terminal, or reader) complies with MIFARE ™ technology requirements, ie pass the tests described in the compliance testing plan, LSITEC will issue a NXP-recognized MIFARE™ certificate of compliance and, Consequently, by the market.

There are the following certification variants:

  • MIFARE™ Complete Certification Test (Full Certification Test)
    • A complete certification test is performed on a card that in its In-lay (all or part) has not been previously tested for certification or qualification under this test plan or any previous version of it.
  • MIFARE™ Certification Renewal Test (Renewal Certification Test)
    • A Certification Renewal Test may be performed if the In-lay of the submitted card has previously been qualified in accordance with this test plan to obtain a MIFARE™ compliant air interface certificate for the card and the Certificate already issued is expired.
  • MIFARE™ (Update Certification Test) Certification Upgrade Test – Delta *
    • A Certification Upgrade test is intended for customers who already have a MIFARE™ compliant air interface certificate for the card, but with minor changes that do not affect their internal functionality (for example, card stock). In this case, a reduced set of tests is applicable for re-certification of the card.

There is a test plan for inlay and card and another test plan for terminal and reader:

In general, the tests are related to the transmission of data in the contactless interface following the guidelines of ISO / IEC 14443 (Identification cards – Contactless integrated circuit cards – Proximity cards and ISO / IEC 10373-6 (Identification cards – Test Methods Part 6: Proximity cards) and the profile of MIFARE™ technology. For card, in addition, tests of writing and reading of data in memory are carried out.

The following tables summarize the scope of contactless interface tests for inlay, card, and MIFARE™ terminal.

Table – Summary of the scope of tests of the contactless interface for inlay and MIFARE™ card
Table – Summary of the contactless interface test scope for MIFARE™ terminal and reader

Quantity of products to be sent to the Laboratory for testing:

  • MIFARE™ card certification: 20 cards and 1 inlay (*);
  • MIFARE™ Inlay Qualification: 20 inlays;
  • MIFARE™ terminal certification: 1 terninal, including manuals and drivers;
  • MIFARE™ player qualification: 1 player, including manuals and drivers.