The interface of smartcards with contact has characteristics that must comply with ISO / IEC 7810 (Identification cards – Physical characteristics) and ISO / IEC 7816-3 (Cards with contacts – Electrical interface and transmission protocols) a Order to ensure interoperability between cards and terminals in relation to card size, contact location, electrical interface and transmission protocols.

The ISO / IEC 7816 conformity assessment can cover both card and terminal.

In general, the tests relate to conformity assessment of the physical dimensions of the carton, contact location and data transmission at the contact interface in relation to the present requirements of ISO / IEC 7810 and ISO / IEC 7816-3 and following the Test guidelines of ISO / IEC 10373-3.

There is a test plan for ISO / IEC 7816 conformity assessment.

Cards are tested based on ISO / IEC 10373-3 test standard and its amendments.

Table – Tests performed by ISO / IEC 10373-3.

The scope of ISO / IEC 7816-3 conformity assessment tests is based on the following standards:

Table: Standards associated with ISO / IEC 7816 conformity assessment.

Quantity of products to be sent to the Laboratory to carry out conformity assessment ISO / IEC 7816: 20 cards.