The increasing number of EMV cards issued by banks and the consequent increase in the number of electronic transactions carried out for payments of goods and services in commercial establishments in Brazil also increased the number of attacks on Point-of-Sale (EMV POS) terminals for the purpose Capture of user passwords and card data.

In order to improve terminal security, ABECS (Brazilian Association of Credit Card Companies and Services) has established a certification process.

The ABECS Certification of Terminals is focused on the additional evaluation of PCI PTS-approved Point-of-Sale (POS) and PIN PAD terminals (version 3.x or higher). The certification defines:

  • Minimum security requirements.
  • Criteria for safety assessment.
  • Process for carrying out these evaluations.
  • Laboratories accredited to carry out the evaluation.

LSI-TEC is a laboratory accredited by ABECS to perform the ABECS Certification of POS Terminals (Security Certification for Password Capture Devices).