The Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system consists of a set of devices and systems that are designed to automate electronic ticket collection.

The AFC conformity assessment (ISO / IEC 14443) aims to ensure the interoperability of non-contact communication between AFC cards and readers from different manufacturers based on the evaluation of the adherence of these products to international standards.

The AFC conformity assessment (ISO / IEC 14443) may cover carton or terminal.

Card: Plastic card containing an inlay (chip connected to a molded coil antenna).

Terminal: Equipment responsible for the interaction with the card, also called reader or validator.

If the product (card or terminal) complies with the requirements of ISO / IEC 14443, ie pass the tests described in the conformity testing plan, LSITEC shall issue a compliance report.

There is a test plan for the card and another test plan for the terminal:

The scope of AFC compliance assessment is based on the standards presented in the table below.

Table – Standards associated with AFC conformity assessment.

In general, the tests are related to the evaluation of the conformity of the data transmission in the contactless interface in relation to the present requirements of ISO / IEC 14443 (Identification cards – Contactless integrated circuit cards – Proximity cards) and following the test guidelines of the ISO / IEC 10373-3 (Identification cards – Test Methods Part 6: Proximity cards).

Table – Summary of the contactless interface test scope for AFC card.
Table – Summary of the scope of contactless interface tests for AFC terminal.

Quantity of products to be sent to the Laboratory for compliance assessment AFC:

  • AFC Card Compliance Assessment: 20 cards and 1 inlay;
  • Terminal compliance assessment: 1 terminal.