Procedure for request for conformity assessment.

The main steps involved in conducting a product test are:

  • Hiring the test;
  • Storage of test material;
  • Analysis of deposited material;
  • Execution of the test;
  • Referral of test report;
  • Publication of the certificate.

The following is a brief description of these steps.

Hiring the test:

Applicant requests the quotation to the Laboratory: Applicant completes and forwards the request form for quotation. In this form, company data, contact person data and test scope (certification or evaluation) are provided.

Applicant awaits proposal: Applicant awaits proposal for evaluation or certification.

Laboratory forward proposal: This proposal contains the commercial conditions and the deadline for carrying out the activities.

Applicant approves the proposal: This approval already constitutes the authorization for the execution of the test activities.

Storage of test material:

Applicant completes form with the detail of the product to be certified or evaluated.

Applicant submits to the Laboratory the material in the quantity and term stipulated.

Laboratory checks the amount of material forwarded: Upon receipt of the material, the Laboratory verifies that it meets the requirements stipulated for the test. If necessary, supplements may be requested.

Analysis of the deposited material:

Laboratory carries out the preliminary tests of operation: The Laboratory evaluates the minimum conditions of operation (ex: communication of the cards or readers).

Laboratory requests resubmission of material: If failures are detected that may prevent the tests from being carried out, a report will be sent to the requester so that the necessary corrections can be made. This new submission may result in additional cost of resubmission and material analysis.

Execution of the test:

Laboratory carries out the internal scheduling to carry out the activities.

Laboratory runs the tests from the test plan.

Laboratory reviews the results and draws up the test report.

Referral of test report:

Laboratory shall forward the test report to the applicant.

Laboratory shall forward the test report to the applicant:

If it is a MIFARE ™ certification, in case of success, the Laboratory requests authorization from NXP for certificate issuance and, if authorized, published on the LSITEC website.