The Laboratory of Integral Technological Systems (LSI-TEC) is a non-profit organization, classified as an Institute of Science and Technology (ICT). It has the role of providing a link between society and scientific institutions of excellence, promoting the transformation of knowledge into advanced technology. It has human and material resources to assist organizations in the development of their products and services in the face of rapid technological evolution.

The Security and Compliance Technical Laboratory (SCTL) is one of the areas of competence of LSI-TEC. It was designed with the purpose of providing the market with the means to measure the technical quality of products. The laboratory is focused on conducting tests related to the evaluation of conformity and safety of equipment, mainly those related to means of payment. Currently, it offers the following tests:

  • Compliance assessment for the following technologies:
    • MIFARE ™ (non-contact communication).
    • ISO / IEC 14443 (non-contact communication).
    • ISO / IEC 7816-3 (contact communication).
  • Security evaluation:
    • ABECS safety evaluation of POS terminals.

LSI-TEC has several areas of competence in addition to SCTL. Get to know the other areas of competence on the LSI-TEC home page.